Our Story

The Skin Firm believes that the best natural skincare brands should (and could) be honestly priced. Founded by skincare chemists using natural ingredients sourced from around the world, take care of your face naturally with our range of plant-powered products.

Powered by nature

The natural beauty movement is gaining momentum. But most natural beauty products are expensive and exclusive.

We are one of very few beauty brands to own manufacturing facilities and work with resident skincare scientists.

The Skin Firm also has relationships with the makers of natural skincare ingredients — aka first dibs on top-grade actives. The result: Nature-powered serums, creams and essences that are affordable and effective. Whether it is skin brightening that you hope to achieve, a pure Marula oil that doesn't break the bank, or a micellar cleansing water free from harmful chemicals, we've got you covered.

And instead of spending millions on marketing campaigns and fancy packaging (although we do think our shatter-proof, minimalist jars are pretty darn cool), we focus all our expertise and budget on what really matters. We engineer incredible, natural products, and pass along all the savings of being a vertically integrated business to you.

Cool fact: Did you know we are probably the only beauty brand with a 100% female R&D team? All our products are crafted by fellow beauty junkies who have spent most of their adult lives trying out and formulating amazing products. In other words, rest assured that The Skin Firm™ products are not just good for the environment, they are also fantastic for your skin.