Your next beauty routine to stick by

Your next beauty routine to stick by

What is a good beauty routine?

  • With so many beauty tips and online hacks, it can get overwhelming
  • Who has time for the 10-step korean skincare routine day and night?
  • The right way to strip down your daily skin care routine in just 5 steps

Since when did it require spreadsheets and a degree in biochemistry to nail down a great skin care regimen?

While we all know the basics of a beauty routine - cleanse, tone and moisturise - there has been an increasing number of (creative) ways to keep our skin radiant and beautiful. From the popular 10-step korean skincare routine to weird exfoliation methods, beauty routines have become far more intricate for most of us who desire a simple 10-minute process at the end of each day. 

Aside from just being headache-inducing, some of the burning questions on all of our minds are whether these routines actually work, whether advertised result-promising products are as good as they claim, and the most important question of all - if they are worth all that money and time? Well, we here at TSF is about to take you back to beauty routines 101. 

Is the age-old "cleanse, tone and moisturise" routine good enough?

Yes, and no. While this routine covers the essential steps of skin maintenance, it’s not enough to keep your skin radiant and glowing, especially with the free radicals and pollutants we are exposed to each day. Hence, there is some merit in adding serums, essence and micellar water into the mix to provide your face with a deep cleanse and replenishment after a long day.

Double cleansing with micellar water followed by a mild cleanser not only helps remove surface dirt and makeup from your face, the second cleanse helps remove excess sebum and makeup remnants that are trapped beneath the surface of your skin mildly. This combination ensures that your skin is deeply cleansed without stripping it of its moisture, helping to prevent pore blockages and early signs of aging in the long run

Aside from cleansing, old-school toners have also become a big no-no among skincare brands because of its alcohol content. While alcohol was used to “close pores” and help control oily skin, it leads to further skin dehydration and even oilier skin (yikes). 

Should I adopt the 10-step korean skincare

Power to those of you for going all out with your routine! To recap, the 10 steps usually comprise of - oil cleanser, foam cleanser, toner, essence, emulsion, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen. 

Now that the mind-boggling list is out of the way, let’s dive into some basic 10-step routine concerns. While this routine benefits of some of us living in drier climates due to its intense hydration steps, using too many products could clog pores for combination to oily skin consumers and irritate sensitive skin.  

Some of these products may also clash and counteract the benefits of one another, especially if you are going through a trial-and-error phase with each product. And honestly, do you really want to spend hours a day (also tons of money) in your bathroom instead of, well, watching YouTube videos of cute kittens?

TSF Chemist-Approved Routine

Remember how we’ve said skincare and beauty routines have gotten way too complicated? Often, the many products we use to polish, brighten and tighten our skin are way too harsh, causing our skin’s natural barrier to fall apart faster than Lindsay Lohan’s latest project. 

Which is why the chemistry whizzes at The Skin Firm have designed a simple beauty routine that involves just 5 (yes, not 10) steps! Our Natural Micellar Water, Pure and Simple Gel Cleanser, Timeless Elixir, Youth Therapy Concentrate Essence, and Long wear Daily Sunscreen SPF40 PA+++.

  1. Cleanse
    For a start, the formulations ditch parabens, alcohol and other skin-harming chemicals, including the 98% Natural Micellar Water. Melt away makeup and impurities from all skin types - including sensitive skin, this coco-infused, super-natural micellar water corrects makeup boo-boos, fights blemishes and moisturises all at the same time.

  2. And Cleanse Again
    Up your cleansing game with the Pure and Simple Gel Cleanser - a coconut-derived, soap-free foaming cleanser that whisks away impurities and oil, and taps on precious frankincense extract to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria and smooth away signs of ageing. A clean face is not only free from acne-causing bacteria and oil, it also absorbs other products a lot better.

  3. Tone
    Next, skip the alcohol-laden toners of yore and heal your skin with Youth Therapy Concentrate Essence. Infused with over 90% galactomyces, the natural yeast that keeps sake brewers’ hands smooth, clear and youthful, this is one brightening and anti-ageing superhero your skin needs. This hero ingredient that is commonly found in luxury skincare is designed to regenerate cells, intensely hydrate, brighten and ward of wrinkles.

  4. Treat
    Now that you’re cleansed and hydrated, it’s time to turn back the clock and keep your skin glowing and youthful. The Timeless Youth Elixir is the ultimate antioxidant serum, derived from the superfood of the moment, red rice. Hailing from the unpolluted mountains of the Himalayas, antioxidant-charged stem cells from red rice are extracted using a patent-pending process. They are the heroes that fight skin-ageing free radicals, amping up hydration overnight, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

  5. Protect
    To top it all off, The Skin Firm’s trusty Long Wear Daily Sunscreen SPF40 PA+++ keeps UVA and UVB rays deflected in the day as soon as it is applied. The lightweight formulation offers total protection against pigmentation, photo-ageing and is even suitable for sensitive skin. Our wholly physical sunscreen forms a shield with micronised natural ingredients that sits on your skin – sans harmful chemical sunscreen ingredients that are absorbed into your skin and bloodstream, causing irritation and zits. 


To make life even easier, we’ve curated the best skin care set so you’re armed with the essentials for a perfectly realistic routine. While there are a million beauty products out there to keep for your skin, researching, buying, and trying them can be time consuming, money-wasting and even skin-ruining. The Skin Firm’s natural skincare routine is the best way to get started on a all-round skincare routine that helps keep your largest organ clean, refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant!

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