Your insider guide to maxing out Micellar Water benefits

safe micellar water


  • Some micellar waters may do more harm than good
  • Alcohol, fragrances and parabens are common ingredients found in non-natural micellar waters
  • These chemicals may cause irritation, breakouts, and other health concerns
  • Because micellar waters don't require rinsing, these ingredients may be absorbed by the skin
  • Always pick a micellar water free from alcohol, fragrances, parabens and other questionable ingredients
  • Instead, try the 98% Natural Micellar Water for a safer cleanse

Micellar waters have been under the spotlight for good reason - they're gentle on the skin, great as a great post- or pre-workout quick cleansing step, and is a multitasker that cleanses and moisturises. 

Micellar water has, hands down, won over lazy girls — and there seems to be a gazillion variants vying to be the best micellar water 2019. But before you douse your skin with the next bottle of micellar you see on mark down, here are some insider tips on how to pick (and use) the right product for the best micellar water benefits!

Not quite happy hour for your skin

Micellar waters are perhaps one of the most innocent looking beauty products you see in a drugstore: Colourless and liquid-based, it looks like a must-have even for those with sensitive skin.

However, most micellar waters, especially non-organic or non-natural ones, leave behind a layer of chemicals that could be bad for your skin over time. Because they are no-rinse formulations, the chemical ingredients will be left to penetrate skin over time. 

In fact, a lot of micellar water formulations may contain chemicals which could be bad for your skin: Most commonly, alcohol and fragrances.

Alcohol is a top culprit for stripping skin of natural oils and moisture, causing irritation, dryness and even breakouts. So why is it found in micellar water? Because it’s a cheap ingredient that acts as a solvent and preservative - great for the brand’s bottomline, but not so much for us with sensitive skin.

Similarly, while scented products somehow feel that much more fun to use and easy on the nose, fragrances in skin care are largely synthetic and could sensitise certain skin types.


Be careful, alcohol and fragrances aren’t the only chemicals to look out for

While most brands claim to be alcohol, soap and fragrance free, these aren’t the only chemicals that might be damaging to your skin. Certain micellar waters contain chemicals that might be damaging to the skin in the long run.

Parabens, for example, might appear in some affordable micellar water formulations, and could be in the form of “methylparaben” or “propylparaben”. They are common preservatives found in personal care formulations, and certain studies have detected concentrations of parabens found in human breast cancer tumours. It is known to disrupt hormonal function, and while the jury is still out on whether there is a direct link between parabens and cancer, why pick out a product with questionable ingredients when you could choose one free from such toxins?

And while the word “alcohol” might not pop up on the ingredient list of your HG micellar, it may be found in the form of other names like Propylene Glycol, a synthetic alcohol used in fragrances or to condition skin. According to the EWG Skin Deep database, “it has been associated with irritant and allergic contact dermatitis as well as contact urticaria in humans; these sensitisation effects can be manifested at propylene glycol concentrations as low as 2%”.

Not equivalent to a face wash 

If you wear a full face of makeup and prone to breakouts, these clever micelles are great for breaking down surface grease, dirt and makeup, but might not dive deep enough into pores to wash away acne-causing bacteria and impurities.

The trick is to double cleanse with a gentle foaming cleanser like our Pure & Simple Gel Cleanser, using micellar alone may cause breakouts, pore blockage and sebum build-up over time. It doesn’t dry out your skin, and leaves it feeling thoroughly purified and hydrated.

The purer cleanse

Before you give up on this miracle water altogether, the Skin Firm’s Natural Micellar Water might just tick some of the boxes for a safe and effective cleanse:

☑Fragrance free skin care

☑Alcohol free skin care

☑PEG free

☑ Paraben free

☑Sulfate free

It is an almost 100% naturally derived cleanser that helps melt away makeup and impurities from all skin types. Clinically and dermatologically tested for safety and non-irritation, even for sensitive skin, this super-natural micellar water packs a punch in its moisturising qualities and the fight against blemishes.  Not only is it alcohol and fragrance free, it also does not include any sulfates, parabens and phthalates, making it extremely calming, soothing, and gentle on all skin types. 

Ultimately, micellar waters are affordable, easy to use, uncomplicated and sustainable alternative to generic face wipes. Just be sure to always take a moment to look through the products you’re buying, though, because not all products are as natural and skin-friendly as the Skin Firm’s. 


Shop the Natural Micellar Water, now available in a $$-saving bundle deal!

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