Superfoods for amazing skin (Part 1): Himalayan Red Rice

Superfoods for amazing skin (Part 1): Himalayan Red Rice

Superfoods are known to provide a multitude of benefits for the body: From acai berry smoothie bowls that are teeming with vitamin C, to fermented kombucha packed with probiotics.

Mostly plant-based ingredients, superfoods are nutritionally dense with antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals are other goodies believed to improve one's health when consumed. But did you know superfood ingredients in skincare products can also give your skin a mega boost?

While beauty trends come and go — we're looking at you, snail mucus, dermarollers, and snake venom — superfood-infused skincare has gained momentum over the years as a tried-and-tested approach to soothing, healing and rejuvenating your skin. Best of all, such formulations are powered by nature's own bounty of superstar ingredients.

And while Himalayan Red Rice may not have its own superhero insignia or cape, this under-the-radar superfood has long been revered for its unparalleled nutritional properties.

Little-known and modest in size, Himalayan Red Rice is, in fact, a rare ingredient (traditionally only served during special occasions due to its high prices) containing coveted skin-perfecting properties. Harvested from the unpolluted paddy fields of the Himalayas, this precious grain is prized for its rich nutritional values.

As if its powerhouse abilities weren't enough, our skin scientists have hand-picked Himalayan Red Rice that has been bio-optimised as a beauty ingredient.

How? First, embryonic stem cells from the red rice are cultivated from the resilient grains. Next, these stem cells are stressed with ozone, forcing the cells to produce secondary metabolites to help protect themselves from damage. These unique metabolites are specific to red rice and provide several advantages to skin:

  • Increase in Collagen1A production in vitro, which may lead to a reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
  • Increase skin hydration, better moisturised and conditioned skin
  • Reduction in transepidermal which can lead to water loss, which can lead to more balanced skin and an improved skin barrier
  • Uniform skin tone, reduction in pore size

superfood red rice for healthy skin

Grown in the foothills of the mountainous Himalayas, Red Rice manages to thrive and survive in extreme and harsh weather conditions. Hence, when it comes to protecting the skin, the optimised Red Rice extract used by The Skin Firm has shown to make aged skin cells behave more like young cells, even despite exposure to UVB rays.

Our Red Rice ingredient also improves skin barrier function, helping skin better withstand the effects of a harsh environment - including humid and hot tropical climates; or the results of being trapped in a face mask for hours on end. 

Ready to experience the wonders of Himalayan Red Rice for yourself? Check out this precious superfood, found exclusively in our weightless, anti-ageing serum —Timeless Youth Elixir — today!

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