4 Reasons to Switch to Skin Care that Doesn't Cost the Earth

affordable natural skin care

Kermit once said that it isn’t always easy being green.

Let’s face it, skincare that’s natural and clean isn’t always within the reach of everyone. But being able to treat your body’s natural organ — your skin — to products free from nasties shouldn’t be dependent on your SES.

Short of blending up your own face masks in the kitchen (and exposing yourself to the dangers of DIY skincare like bacterial contamination), what’s a beauty junkie got to do for a natural fix?

Thank goodness for a new generation of no frills, affordable beauty brands that bridge the gap between the efficacy of  high end skincare with wallet-friendly prices. High-low fashion has been a thing for ages, so why not high-low beauty, mixing accessible daily essentials with a couple of luxury treats now and then? Think of it as an #ootd: a Chanel purse with a Zara dress and the hottest new Adidas Falcons.

For those of us who cannot possibly fathom abandoning a $150 serum for a natural alternative, at a fraction of the price, the million dollar question is: Can an affordable skincare brand really deliver on quality? Scroll on to judge for yourself:

1. Skip the middleman

Made by our own lab and manufacturing facility in the capital of cosmetics in Southeast Asia - Thailand, all of THE SKIN FIRM products are formulated and produced in house. While even beauty behemoths outsource their production to other facilities, we are a one-stop shop, cutting out vendors and producers to create everything by ourselves. Another plus:, we meet quality with quantity by releasing freshly made products in small batches, just because we can without any minimum order quantity! Score!

2. Bye bye, rent!

Thanks to the invention of Instagram and the Internet, we can find aesthetically pleasing products through an accidental click. As the genie to our Aladdin, the Internet’s provided The Skin Firm a home where it can build profit without having to burn money on rent. By skimping on rent, The Skin Firm uses its profits to spend it on research of sustainable ingredients and develop skin-friendly products with the hottest technology.

3. Real influence

As much as we love having the support from celebrities and influencers, we swear by nothing but BS-free testimonials by real people who (really) try out our products. By cutting out on overspending for supermodel-fronted campaigns (hello, Fyre!) and paid reviews, we aim to build a bigger platform via word of mouth. No matter if you’re a brand ambassador or an NUS student, we count on your support because every single post matters.

4. Bigger, not necessarily better!

Who run the world? Girls! As an all-female team, The Skin Firm is a women-run business from the bottom to the top of the chain. By women for everyone, we’re willing to make the dream product for you by using 100 percent natural active ingredients whether it’s from Himalayan red rice or galactomyces. While our range is small, we don’t believe in pumping out more products for profit as we believe in making the big things happen with the small stuff.  

Still need convincing? Here are a few reviews of The Skin Firm™ products by actual customers and beauty insiders:

Youth Therapy Concentrated Essence:
This is liquid gold at a fraction of the price! You'd be silly to pass on this amazing dewy liquid, even in Sydney's cooler Autumn climate it's keeping the moisture locked into my skin. Love how soft my skin feels after application, and how long it lasts for as well!" - Sharon

Natural Micellar Water:
"The Skin Firm’s micellar water was capable of removing a full face of makeup (from primer, concealer, liquid foundation, to waterproof eyeliner) in three cotton pads. When used on the neck, it removed a bunch of grey dirt — all that sweat, dust, and pollutants accumulated over the day. Sounds gross, but very satisfying." - ELLE

Timeless Youth Elixir:
"I've been having itchy, dry and flaky skin since coming back from Australia. I started using the Timeless Youth Elixir serum and my skin is no longer peeling! I've actually swapped out my luxury Japanese brand serum and sunscreen for this and the Long Wear Daily Sunscreen, and I feel that the finish of both Skin Firm products is better as my makeup goes on smoother!" - Louanna

“I have slightly oily skin but need to fight some signs of age like slight sagging and fine lines. I like the texture of this serum which is quite watery. It almost immediately absorbs into the skin and can be layered over the essence and under a face cream without feeling too sticky or oily. There is a light tightening effect almost immediately upon application.” - Sandy

Long Wear Daily Sunscreen SPF40 PA+++:
"I saw that this is dermatologically tested on the box which I think is terrific! I tried and it’s good, consistency is thicker than my usual blue Shiseido but I feel it has this pleasant tightening effect.

And no irritation, I have sensitive skin and I have tried other pharmacy available European brand’s SPF50 sunblock but it burns my skin immediately after applying. This is a good sunblock with accessible pricing!" - Yumiko

Pure & Simple Gel Cleanser:

“I found this soap free cleanser absolutely wonderful for my combination skin, it manages to wash away the excess oils on my T-zone without stripping the moisture away. Love how soft and clean my skin feels after washing my face, highly recommend it!” - Sharon


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